The New House

WOW… If you would have asked us 6 months ago when we were planning on buying a new house, we would have said, “Probably 5 years or so.” But somehow as I type this blog post, I am sitting on my bed in a room full of fresh paint and potential (and an air purifier).

We moved in about 10 days ago and the last 3 months feel like a complete blur. Our bodies are aching but we keep pushing because we are so excited to create a new home for ourselves in this beautiful new house. Well, new to us anyway. This house has seen several occupations since 1987 and we are getting glimpses into her history as we travel the halls and explore the nooks and crannies. We have found things that have made us laugh, scratch our heads, and ask each other, “WHY?” Here, I would like to give you the house tour as we first experienced it: through the MLS listing from the GLVAR. (PERMISSIONS??????)

We were not looking for a house when we found this one. We visited family in Williamsburg, Virginia before heading up to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to explore, and I said to Brian, “I wish we could find a house that looks like it belongs on the East Coast in Vegas.” That night while Brian was in the shower, I hopped onto and just did a general search. The fist house I found was the cutest farm house of all time and had been featured in Country Living Magazine! I was SO EXCITED, I requested an appointment to see it before we had even returned home.

Sadly, that house already had an offer accepted and I did not get to take a tour, but that had sparked my curiosity and I started looking around at other options. Lo and behold, I found an incredible house completely covered in Brick with huge trees and a sprawling lawn. It was the dream! I requested to see that one and of course, was told that it too was already under contract. DANG IT!

Finally, I found the other most adorable farm house. It was mint green, had an old farm truck, beautiful landscaping and a basset hound, and had a very unique floorplan. Upon touring it, we loved the house even more. A residential architect had designed the house for his family and his children had grown. The house itself was perfect, but it had a few other issues including being way too far from my family for us to justify making an offer.

A few days after deciding “no” on the farmhouse, I received a text from my realtor/cousin Annie that the Brick house was back on the market. My response was very dignified and ladylike.